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below is a guide for setting up your artwork for print and achieving the desired print results


If you're setting up artwork to submit to us, here's some information to make sure your files meet our requirements:

  • File type - files should be supplied as either PDF, INDD, AI or High Res JPEG
  • Images - images must be saved in CMYK at 300dpi
  • Fonts - all fonts should be embedded (select embed fonts in distiller options) or converted to curves.
  • Colour pallette - please supply as a CMYK, not RGB. It is important to ensure that all images used are also converted to CMYK.
  • Bleed - artwork needs to be supplied with 3mm bleed and trim marks.

Our standard sizes are:

Business Cards
Business Cards 85x55mm

Standard Flyers, Cards & Posters
A6 105x148mm
A5 148x210mm
A4 210x297mm
A3 297x420mm
A2 420x594mm
A1 594x841mm
A0 841x1189mm


when you’re designing for web, your images are usually 72 dpi (Dots Per Inch), which is standard for screen resolution. For printing the required resolution is 300 dpi.

72 dpi vs 300 dpi

300 dpi vs 72 dpi


Bleed & Trim Marks

Bleed: whenever your artwork extends to the edge of a document, you must set up a bleed area of 3mm Bleed. This 3mm accounts for each of the four sides of the page, therefore you should add 6mm to the width and height of the document.

Crop Marks: crop marks show where the area of bleed ends and the actual document area begins, they indicate where the paper needs trimming.
Crop marks are usually hairline and set in registration black.

Trim, Bleed and Safety


Free Zulu Print Templates

download print templates below:

Download Bcard template(PDF)

Download A5 template(PDF)

Download A6 template(PDF)

Download A4 trifold template(PDF)